Kapson India are appreciated amongst our clients for manufacturing corrosion resistant Zinc Plated Threaded Rods in India with excellent finish. Zinc Plated Thread Rods manufactured by us are being widely used in the telecoms sector, construction industries and in oil refineries. We are Zinc Plated Threaded Rod manufacturers in India and manufacturing and exporting high quality Zinc Plated Threaded Rod Fasteners worldwide. We are India's largest Zinc Plated Threaded Rod Exporter, exporting to more than 85 countries. We are known as Zinc Plated Threaded Rod Manufacturers and Exporters due to exporting and manufacturing on a large scale.

Zinc Plated Threaded Rod, also known as a stud, is a relatively long rod that is threaded, the thread may extend along the complete length of the rod. They are designed to be used in tension. Zinc Plated Threaded Rod in bar stock form is often called all-thread. Zinc Plated Threaded Rod are of different sizes, depending on the use the type is selected.

Zinc Plated Threaded Rods Applications

All thread rods are used in many different construction applications. The rods can be installed in existing concrete slabs and used as epoxy anchors. Short studs can be used coupled to another fastener to extend its length. All thread rods can also be used as fast alternatives to anchor rods, used for pipe flange connections, and used as double arming bolts in the pole line industry. There are many other construction applications in which all thread rod or fully threaded studs are used. Threaded Rods are widely used in HVAC Fittings, Downceiling, Air Conditioning Fittings and Solar Fittings etc.

Zinc Plated Threaded Rods Coatings / Finish

All thread rod is commonly available in plain steel, hot-dip galvanized, Yellow Zinc and zinc plated. Plain finish all thread rod is often referred to as "black" and it is raw, uncoated steel. Kapson thread rods that will be exposed to the outside elements may need to be hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. Zinc plating can also be used as a corrosion-resistant coating, though a hot-dip galvanized coating will provide greater corrosion-resistance. Zinc plating is commonly used for aesthetic purposes since it can be plated in multiple colors and provides a consistent and shiny coating. For other types of coating as per client's requirements.

Zinc Plated Threaded Rods Specifications:

Finish: Plain, Zinc, Hot dipped galvanized and Yellow
ASTM: ASTM A307 & A193 Grade B7, A193 Grade B8
DIN: DIN975, DIN976
Stainless Steel: 18-8: 304 and 316
Grade: 4.8 , 6.8, 8.8 & 10.9
Rolled Threads: UNC , UNF , MM & BSW, Single & Double Side Thread, Metric, Trapezoidal and ACME
Diameters: M6 to M64, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Length: 1Mtr. To 3Mtrs. & 1feet to 12feet