Kapson India's Drop Forged scaffolding fittings are manufactured to the highest quality. All of our fittings are manufactured and tested to the latest to European Quality Standard EN74 this ensures they are always of the highest quality. We are one of the best known brands in the Scaffolding Industry for fittings. All of our Drop Forged scaffolding fittings are zinc electro plated for a longer life.

Drop Forged Coupler can improve the efficiency of scaffolding removal, save working time. Due to the advanced technology, the anti-deformation and anti-tensile properties of the product is stronger. More suitable for scaffolding and firm in structure, not easy to slide down. Anti-rust treatment makes the drop forged double coupler last longer, it product after passivation, surface galvanized anti-rust treatment, Drop Forged Scaffolding Coupler corrosion resistance is better than the ordinary coupler.