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ISO Certifications

Kapson India is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Threaded Rods, High Tensile Fasteners and Strut Support Systems Fittings & Accessories manufacturers & exporters in India. Quality Excellence of our products is primarily achieved by the use of right raw material, better equipments, experience and expertise of labour & staff. We follow all Exports ample measure during manufacturing of our fasteners products.

Expert Team

Our experienced professional workforce of highly qualified engineers and well trained skilled labours and our manufacturing infrastructure deploying state-of-the-art technology to match the best the we can offer. Our quest for manufacturing quality & Durable products attributes that have earned lasting appreciation of our products, both in India and Abroad.

Quality Assurance at all levels of manufacturing process

At Kapson India, Quality excellence has to be constantly maintained at all levels of manufacturing process. And this is ensured by our stringent inbuilt quality control system which operates right from the raw material stage, through all stages of production till the final product export or despatch.

We place the highest importance to producing quality assured products. We believe in Innovation, Quality Product Development & Customer Satisfaction. Innovation is at the heart of our culture and our reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative CNC Machining, Forging, Threading, Stamping & Engineering solutions.

Our Quality Testing includes:

- Tensile Testing Machine for pulling Bolts, nuts
- Thread Test for all types of Thraded Rods & Bars
- Hardness Testing Machine for all Fasteners Products
- Profile Projector
- Suitability Test Machine for assembly testing
- Gauges for checking the threads of Bolts & Nuts
- Elcometer for measuring the plating thickness
- Spectro Chemical Analysis Machine